“Peanut Butter & Jelly Marketing is a full-service, multidisciplinary creative agency that combines strategy, creativity and technology to provide concept-to-launch traditional and digital solutions. We provide solutions and applications in the core capabilities listed below.”

Monica K, Chief Peanut

Not Just A Pretty Site

With our website development expertise, we would make sure your goals and visions would turn into reality. Our team of top-notch web developers strive to find the perfect balance between the site’s beautiful design and functionality.

Digital Marketing

Do you want to increase your sales through better market penetration? Don’t waste your time and money on yesterday’s media and advertising ideas! Peanut Butter & Jelly Marketing provides a wide variety of digital marketing solutions to help reach your target audience and grow your business.


Image is everything. Branding and identity establish your company’s reputation and credibility and shape the perception others have of you. From the words used to describe your organization, to the logo designed to tell its story—image is key. We know the value of image and develops consistent communications to showcase organizations at their very best. We help create a sparkling brand personality for our clients.


Blogging is a great way to help market or promote yourself or your business, product, or service. This means you can sell something online through your blog or you can use it merely for informative purposes.

Customer Contact

Frequent customer contact isn’t only important for the customer, it’s important for you. Your customers need to hear from you. Whether it’s a piece of content entering their inbox or a phone call from someone on your product development team, these touch points are vital in nurturing the customer/vendor relationship.